VPM Decompression
Bubble Model Decompression Programs



Bubble Model Decompression Programs

VPM Decompression  A critical discussion of the VPM
VPM Background 
 Development of the VPM
VPM Algorithm 
Details of the VPM algorithm
Technical VPM  
Publications and modeling

Other VPM Programs and Information

My Open Source Code Programs
VPM Programs
The original deep stop deco programs, released as free software

MultiGas VPM  
  Program in Mathematica
Using MultiGas VPMr
Trimix VPM Example

Settings for VPM BASIC Programs

Nitrox VPM   
Program in VBA
Using VBA Nitrox VPM

Rebreather VPM
  Program in VBA
Using VBA Rebreather VPM

The first open VPM program in BASIC