VPM Links

Links to VPM Decompression Programs and Information


The VPM Decompression Algorithm

Erik Baker's open source FORTRAN program implements the VPM algorithm described in the publications by Yount, Maiken, and Baker, as well as VPM-B extensions described by Baker.

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VPM Decompression Programs

Ross Hemingway's V-Planner runs VPM on multiple decompression dive planning packages

GUE's Deco planner includes VPM along with GF algorithms

Greg _ has an application DivePlan that runs on Symbian OS

More Information on the VPM

Jörgen van der Velde has some VPM-related information on his site:

Dan Reinders has a powerpoint show, which dynamically illustrates the VPM model:
ftp://decompression.org/Reinders/EASYVPM.ppt (and EASYVPM-2.ppt)

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Fit to Dive

Fitness is the best decompression strategy....

The most Important diving card that I carry is my Category 3 Cycling USA road racing license.